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Welcome to a life filled with beauty.

It's the beautiful moments in life.
It’s the beautiful moments in life.


One day, my three year old waddled over and said, “Mummy, you go and do the cleaning.”

My peepers stood out on stalks ; my sleep- encrusted eyes just staring at him.  Then my skin, spirit and mind sighed. No, sighed isn’t the right word- sagged with despondency. Yes, that’s much better.

Is this what my child, my own spawn, thinks that I do each day?

Then I thought about it- yep, that is pretty much right… That and being an awe inspiring raiser of little people like every other mum I know- that is what I do all day.

Oh Farmer Jo on stilts picking apples! I actually thought in more profane terms.

Where had my feminist spirit gone? Where had that 13 year old young woman who refused to take typing at school as it was so sexist, snuck off to?

I brushed the toast crumbs off my pyjama top and tucked my greasy hair behind my ears and declared,

“Enough, is enough.”

Now, I’m all about trying to live life beautifully- whether it is writing, child rearing, gardening, building our new home or hanging out with friends and family.

Every moment is bursting with beauty (except when it’s not. Mostly toilet and little people using the toilet related). I may even find a way to make that cleaning beautiful…maybe.

Let me very clear,I do not in any way claim to be beautiful- although I am a very nice, slightly hilarious woman with a penchant for all things sensually fabulous. I am not an expert on having a beautiful house, garden or for that matter nor do I wear beautiful clothes all the time. But, I am on a journey to fill my life to overflowing with beauty and celebrate and savour it like fine wine… aaah wine.

So, I will bring you lots on how I am trying to do it in the following areas- my physical appearance (begone wrinkles), my home and garden and on the inside because we all need a spruce up. Sometimes I do this successfully and sometimes (ok maybe a little more)  not successfully.

I do it in the hope that beauty comes and kisses you on the back of the head. You turn around surprised and delighted and you too cry…oh! It’s you! Then, you too begin to bring beauty back into your life again.

So come on, take my hand, brush the crumbs off your pj top too and let’s go about making our lives beautiful…you can bring your toast.