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Netflix Face. Do you have it?

It’s a snuggly Winter’s night. I have a bowl of ice cream in my lap, a steaming cup of camomile tea on the bedside table and I’m are snuggled up in bed watching my latest binge series. Face serum on, pj’s donned all is well in the world.

Or is it?

Apparently, while relishing my escapism I’m also, according to dermatologists and scientists,  damaging my skin…considerably.

There is even a new term for it- Netflix face. (Obviously not a scientific classification. Perhaps we will soon say, “She’s been Netflixed.”  or the cure will be “Netfixed”. Sorry, I’m digressing again.)

Do you have the dreaded Netflix Face?

Scientists and dermatologists have just started to measure the effects of a “screen” on our skin.

Apparently, if you have:

  • pigmentation
  • rashes
  • blotches
  • sagging skin
  • fine wrinkles

and you

  • Use sunscreen when you go outside
  • Use a computer and devices a lot

Then, we are in trouble.

Ongoing exposure to a computer screen, ipad screen, mobile screen and mobile device “screen” may lead to pigmentation, rashes, blotches and skin sensitivities. There is evidence that suggests that ongoing exposure to device and computer screens causes photoageing.

As if the sun and ageing wasn’t enough!

If your skin is  already a little sensitive, then you are at even more risk.

There are two main theories circulating.

The first and most sinister is, that it is the combination of electromagnetic radiation and HEV light is doing damage at a cellular level and the skin cannot repair itself.

Olle Johansson, Swedish associate professor at the Experimental Dermatology unit at the Karolinska Institute, has written extensively on the subject.

His terminology for the condition is “screen dermatitis” in which skin cells come under stress due to ongoing exposure to light and electromagnetic fields.

There have been a few minor studies to back this up, but more extensive work needs to be done specifically focussing on this area.

Some scientists and dermatologists, however, feel that it is just the exposure to the ultra blue light (HEV light) that does the damage. The theory being that the light penetrates the skin more deeply that UV light. Justine Hextall in an article from the UK Express said that when the HEV penetrates the skin it results in free radical damage.  More work still needs to be done  in wider studies.

However, given the chunks of delectable time we place our cute little noses in front of a screen, I don’t care which theory is true, it’s obvious there is a problem and it’s time to take heed!

The Solution

The dilemma we have folks, is that we do not at this stage know which theory is correct and the advice given by dermatologists to treat and prevent it differs.

So, I suggest we incorporate both and that we we have our bases and faces (How nice . A little rhyme) covered.

  1. Slather your face in your antioxidant serum every two to three hours when using a screen. Vitamin C serum is one of the most popular. The vitamin C serum acts as a barrier to prevent the light penetrating through and doing damage at that cellular level.  I am a huge fan of Mukti Organics.
  1. Wear a broadspectrum sunscreen. We need one that has both UVA and UVB protection. Apply it to hands, neck, decolletage (such a beautiful word) and face.
  2. Put the yellow screen night filter on your device for night viewing. (You’ll sleep better as well.)
  3. Drink lots of water. (Are you as hopeless at this as I am? )
  4. Take sustainable sourced fish oil to keep you skin plump and moist.
  5. Spritz your face with a Moisture Facial Hydrator like this one.
  6. Apply hand cream.

As technology progresses and there is no doubt that we are going to discover more and more about the effects of it at a cellular level on our health. We live in one of the most exciting generations and we want to be able to utilise it to enjoy our lives and the beauty in them as much as possible. Thankfully, we have the knowledge and innovations to be able to have  beautiful skin and our technology at the same time. So don your antioxidant serum and apply sunscreen at night and let’s binge.

Have you heard of Netflix face? Do you do anything to keep your skin healthy when you use a screen?



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