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Botox or not botox?

The Wrinkley Age. To Botox or Not to Botox?

So I’ve come to an age when I’m grappling with crows feet. When I smile, there they are in their etched glory. I’m not quite sure how it happened, as I religiously apply sunscreen (well every morning) and I use very expensive skincare, but they are there. Hello! Hmm…botox starts a whispering.

I’ve been staring at them for a while now; so long that I feel quite vain. I look at these crevasses of skin in all sorts of light and situations. I’ve noticed that if my bones are weary my wrinkles are so much deeper. When I’m full of vitamin c and whim for life, then my wrinkles are ok. Morning is much better than night and for the love of all that’s delicious in life I better not look down in a mirror. GoodGod! That’s a sign of things to come.

So, I’m at that stage when I am deciding whether to botox or not to botox. Do I get myself injected with the Botulism virus which may or may not in twenty years time turn me into a middle aged, fine, limp haired (but hilarious) zombie? However, in the mean time, I will look like a much youthful, peach cheeked version of my Irish self or do I ride the waves of time and somehow come to terms that my smoking hot days are well and truly somewhere else.

I know it’s psychological, but I am inherently a vain creature, and I don’t feel middle aged. Just so much more connected and wiser and filled with luscious laughter.Why must my skin and body look so haggard when I am feeling the best I’ve ever felt???

I really like the idea of my own cells being injected into my wrinkles, but by all accounts, we are a while off. So, I think I’ll continue to use my dermal roller (best thing ever) and my bloody excellent Mukti products and hope to heck that by the time the wrinkles kick in permanently and not just when I smile they have made some advancements in this area.

Where are you at really, with all this business? I don’t just want to hear platitudes about ageing gracefully etc. Tell me where you’re at. Are you puzzled as I am, bemused, angry or very content?



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